Wild Naturals Anti Aging Serum, 0.5 oz.

A Natural Anti Aging Facial Serum That Works You can reverse the damage done to your skin and have skin that is more youthful and radiant. We've combined two-types of eye serum into one (long-term & short-term), with fantastic results. Look younger and radiant immediately, while the serum also nourishes and helps your skin become even healthier and more radiant from within. You'll see and feel an instant tightening and plumping of your skin with hydration within a few minutes. With extended use (30 days+) you'll experience amazing results as the lower skin layers come to the surface. To repair damage done to cells, you need proper vitamins, minerals and nutrients. It takes time for newly formed healthy cells to make it to the top layers of your skin. We've included all the vitamins, minerals, trace-minerals and amino acids your cells need to repair. Manuka Honey, Aloe Vera & Cehami Manuka Honey is a signature ingredient in all our products. Only found in New Zealand, there is nothing like it. It's healing properties have been known for centuries. It helps retain moisture, guards against harmful bacteria and helps your skin cells regenerate faster. Cehami is a botanical extract from Australia, scientifically proven to have skin renewal, hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties, for younger, healthier looking skin. Aloe vera is the base that these wonderful ingredients sit in. It penetrates deep into the skin, and is a perfect carrier for bringing nutrients to your skin cells. You'll love the amazing results in less than 3 minutes, but use it for 1-3 months and you'll love your new, youthful, radiant skin! It comes with our full money-back, satisfaction guarantee. Click "Add to Cart" and discover real natural results!

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