Word Search Book For Adults & Seniors: Extra Large Print, Giant 30 Size Fonts, Themed Word Seek Word Find Puzzle Book, Each Word Search Puzzle On A Two Page Spread, Volume 1 (Giant Print Word Search)

These Extra Large Print Word Search Puzzle Books with 60 Theme Puzzles have been specially designed and formatted for Adults and Seniors and those who may visual impairments. The special features are as follows:Extra Large Giant Jumbo Font Type Size 30 (almost equal to ¼ in. height) has been used in  the words & the actual word find puzzles and solutions.Each word seek puzzle comprises of two adjacent pages making it a full spread, an easy word search game activity for seniors. The words to find are on the full left page and the puzzle is on the full right page.Each word search puzzle solution covers a full page at the rear for easy readability.There are 60 fascinating word search puzzles, such as Poetry, Ballet, Beethoven, Civil War, Coffee, French Cognates, Finance, etc.30 words to a puzzle making it 60x30= 1800 words to find.This books are part of Series: Giant Print Word Search, (Volume 1)

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