100 Pairs Eyelash Extension Gel Patches, Lash Extensions Lint Free Hydrogel Under Eye Pads Beauty Eye Mask supplies(purple)

Eye lash extension supplies-100% Natural Eyelash Extensions Eye Pads. Ideal for: Eyelash Extension Moisture and Tighten Skin The Firming and Brightening Eye Patch uses the patented technology that slowly releases moisture and nutrients to your eye area by harnessing the warmth of your skin. As a result, your under-eye area is more hydrated, less puffy, your skin elasticity is improved and your dark eye circles diminished over time. While eyelash extensions, it holds down the lower lashes while giving a luxurious treatment to the under eye area. As it is lint-free, there are no stray strands of lint or fiber to spoil the look of your eyelash extensions. SPECIFICATIONS: Material: Hydrogels Glycerin Package includes: 100 x Under Eye Pads

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