24k Gold Collagen Eye Lifting Eye Patches 5 Pack Mask for Removing and Reducing Dark Circles, Puffy Eyes, Wrinkles & Crow’s feet

Why would you pay so much money for a spa treatment if you can do it yourself? 24k Gold and collagen eye mask melts into your skin. It intensely hydrated it and stimulate lymphatic drainage and blood circulation while expelling harmful toxins and free radicals. As a result, your complexion becomes more youthful as wrinkles, eye puffiness, bags and dark circles around your eyes become diminished. Proven Benefits - Slow Down Collagen and Elastin Depletion - Reduce Wrinkles and Dark Circles - Reduce Crows Feet - Reduce Eye Puffiness - Firms and Tighten Skin - Hydrate and Moistrize your skin - Reduce Inflammation - Expell Toxins and Free Redicals - Prevent Premature Skin Aging

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