24K gold collagen eye mask by SkinFuel.Club – Eye Mask for puffy eyes and dark circles | Anti aging & anti wrinkle eye patches | Undereye bags treatment & Hydrating pads for Men & Women (20 Pairs)

Busy lifestyle, improper sleep, insufficient nutrition and improper care leads to dark circles, bags, puffiness, wrinkles and finelines. To solve this problem we have developed our high quality TRIPLE POWER brightening collagen eye treatment mask which helps in blood circulation and expels harmful toxins. It fights against each problem and leaves your skin more youthful. Main Benefits Anti aging Reduces Inflammation Expels Harmful Toxins Prevents Premature Skin Aging Reduces Undereye Bags & Puffiness Hydrates and Moisturizes undereye skin Reduces Dark Circles, Wrinkles & finelines Why is it better than other products available in market? THICKER & NON SLIDING DERMATOLOGIST TESTED FDA & GMP APPROVED ALL NATURAL, VEGAN INGREDIENTS 24K GOLD- Removes harmful toxins, improves blood circulation, reduces wrinkles, puffiness and adds shine. COLLAGEN - A Protein which makes skin look firm and bright. As body collagen declines, wrinkles and dark circles become visible. Maximizing collagen levels keeps skin graceful. ALOE VERA - Contains Auxin and Gibberellins hormones that prevents UV damage, exfoliates and brightens skin. HYALURONIC ACID - Keeps collagen synthesis up, retains skin moisture and anti aging benefits. ROSE ESSENTIAL OIL - Contains complex vitamins, minerals and antioxidants with excellent moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties. After you use these eye masks, you can apply your makeup as normal! For best results place in your fridge for 25 minutes or longer before use. Can be used daily. 100% natural. Buy Now!

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