[5 PACK], JAVOedge Soft Felt Slip In Pouch Case for Sunglasses, Reading Glasses (5 Different Colors), MicroFiber Cloth

Store, organize, and protect your reading eyeglasses or small sunglasses in this [5 PACK] of soft felt slip in pouches! Made from soft felt material, the eyeglass cases are the perfect eyewear accessories. The [5 PACKS] comes with 5 different colors pouches. The felt cases are the perfect sizes for reading glasses or small sunglasses. The soft felt material will not scratch up the lenses, and has a slip in opening. Each of the felt pouches feature stylishly lining. The felt cases are easy to spot in a purse, and are perfect for the home, office, or school settings. Safely store your eyeglasses or small sunglasses in this 5 pack of felt slip in pouches for small sunglasses or reading glasses.

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