Ageless Beauty Instant Face Lift with Argireline & Hyaluronic Acid – Reduces Eye Bags, Wrinkles, Lines, Puffiness & Dark Circles INSTANTLY! 30ml (1oz)

LOOK and FEEL YOUNGER in MINUTES! Nutrafeel Ageless Beauty Instant Face Lift has created a miraculous lifting and tightening formula that produces an instantaneous appearance of age reversal. Nutrafeel Ageless Beauty Instant Face Lift is a complex blend of peptides, antioxidants, and hydration that ensure a more youthful complexion in an easy to apply, portable solution. - Instantly creates the appearance of tighter, more YOUTHFUL skin - Diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles - Helps to Tighten and Firm areas of Concerns - Hydrates and Nourishes Skin - Paraben FREE! -Nutrafeel® Ageless Beauty Instant Face Lift formulation contains a powerful blend of peptides that not only provides a temporary YOUTHFUL look, also promotes HEALTHY SKIN. Our formulation includes clinically proven peptides, among other key ingredients: - ARGIRELINE - A unique anti-wrinkle peptide that has been shown in significant testing to be effective against the development of skin wrinkling, being a topical. - MATRIXYL 3000 - The first anti-ageing ingredient based on the matrikine peptide technology, its efficiency has been demonstrated on both women and men. A clinical study demonstrated that after just 2 months of treatment with Matrixyl® 3000, the surface occupied by deep wrinkles was reduced by 45%, and the skin's tonicity increased by nearly 20%. - SNAP-8 - A Powerful peptide that reduces the expression wrinkles topically. - HYALURONIC ACID is infused into Nutrafeel Ageless Beauty Instant Face Lift for its hydration retention capabilities; moisture and restores the full and youthful appearance of the skin. - ACAI FRUIT EXTRACT -provides tightening and moisture retention benefits giving YOUR skin an antioxidant boost; protects the skin from environmental aggressor.

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