Rimless Glasses Frame Silhouettes Eyeglass Optical Kit Plier Repair Disassembly Tool

Eyeglass Pliers Set Specification: Plier Material: Stainless Steel Package Weight: Approx. 550g Package Included: 1 x Pressing Plier (No. AB923) 1 x Pressing Plier (No. AB924) 1 x Cutting Plier (No. AB931) 2 x Spare Jaw (No. AB923A) 2 x Spare Jaw (No. AB924A) 2 x Drilling Holder (No. 019B) 1 x Hole Pins 4 x Eyeglass Frames Stopper 10 x Skidproof Sticker (anti-skid and avoid scratching) 10 x Protection Sheet (prevent the drilling hole edge from being broken)

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