Airelle Skincare Anti-Aging Eye & Lip Serum Treatment with Hyaluronic Acid (Natural) – .3 fl. oz

Are you looking for a facial care product that will prevent and improve premature signs of aging in the delicate areas around the eyes and lips? Airelle Skincare's Age Defying Eye and Lip Treatment is an all-natural formula with medical grade ingredients developed by dermatologists and used by Hollywood makeup artists that will help all skin types reduce appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, crow's feet, puffiness, dark spots and signs of sun damage around the eyes and lips. How it Works: Wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of skin aging are caused by the sun's rays. When exposed to sunlight, the collagen in your skin breaks down and that is what causes wrinkles and our skin to break down. Airelle Skincare has developed a powerful blend of antioxidants, called Berrimatrix, that helps prevent collagen breakdown due to sun exposure. Berrimatrix is a natural blend made from the powerful super food, the blueberry and has been shown to protect from UV and IR radiation. This serum also uses hyaluronic acid which is a naturally occurring ingredient that helps keep your skin plump, hydrated, and younger looking. Unlike competing products, Airelle Skincare uses aloe vera instead of water as the primary ingredient which also keeps your skin hydrated. Other benefits: -Helps tighten, firm, and reduce puffiness. -Roller ball for easy application. -Helps skin minimize signs of stress and fatigue. -Lightweight texture, absorbs dry, no sticky residue. -Free of harsh chemicals, fragrance, and color additives. -Non greasy, won't clog pores. -Does NOT include parabens. -Use on all skin types, Will not sting or irritate your skin. -Proven to improve fine lines and wrinkles within 28 days. If you want to prevent premature signs of aging around your eyes and lips and keep your skin looking young and vibrant, purchase Airelle Skincare's Age Defying Eye and Lip Treatment today!

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