skyn ICELAND Icelandic Relief Eye Pen, 0.14 fl. oz.

Is your stressful life taking its toll on your eyes? Thanks to this lightweight contouring eye cream - packed with darkness-diminishing vitamin K, age-erasing peptides, de-puffing orange peel and skin-calming Icelandic kelp - puffiness, fine lines and dark circles don't stand a chance. What's more, a cooling effect leaves eyes feeling energized and looking bright. The best-selling Icelandic Relief Eye Cream formula is now available in a convenient, travel-friendly pen, providing on-the-go relief from the damaging effects of stress. Vitamin K increases circulation to help diminish dark under-eye circles. Anti-aging rice peptides help firm skin by destroying the enzymes that break down collagen and elastin. Orange peel helps reduce puffiness. Cotton powder fills fine lines and acts as an optical diffuser to downplay wrinkles and dark circles. Icelandic kelp helps revitalize skin and fight inflammation.

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