AM Landen®Soft Air Chamber Silicone Nose Pads(10 Pairs-11mm Screw-On with screws)

You must think of your nose right, is the bridge of the nose the most irritated? I often wear glasses, nose pads put pressure on the nose the weight is very uncomfortable, very irritated, slight pain, red indentation, tend to make you feel less confident? Is there a nose pad that provides freedom for your poor nose? Is there a nose pad that allows me to avoid the slight pain of the pressure of glasses? Let me out of this red nose or embarrassment? I am pleased to tell you of such a nose pad! The name is "airbag nose pads". It uses the safety of silicone used in the production of baby pacifiers. Within the empty pore structure you will find overall flexibility and comfort, more directly facing the bridge of your nose to adjust the angle. At the same time, in use, the nose pads and the hollow structure of the airbag subtly buffering the glasses downward pressure, providing the greatest degree of comfort for the poor nose! How it works: The nose pad under the weight of the glasses is the mechanical principle of the airbag glasses airbags, actively changing the shape to adapt to the shape of the nose, air bag then increases the effective area of the nose pad and nose contact, at the same time cushioning the effect of the weight of the glasses. Balloon nose pad materials using pacifier silicone (soft) is more secure than ordinary PVC silicone, non-toxic, soft and comfortable. The practical application shows that the: airbag nose pad is the most comfortable nose pad, non-slip, and reduce or eliminate the effect of the nose dent. Tips: 1, The vent goes down during the installation. 2, The use of airbags nose care is addictive! After using "airbag nose pads" ordinary nose pads and nose will not feel right. Use immediately, so that your glasses become the world's most comfortable glasses.

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