Astropic 4Pcs Eye Patches for Kids Girls Boys Eye Patch for Glasses Medical Patches for Adults Children with Lazy Eye Amblyopia Strabismus and After Eye Surgery (Right Eye, Pink)

❔ Have you had a little trouble with patching your little one? ❔ Does the cutie hate the bandaid patch because it is painful to pull off or even cause a reaction? 😇 The Astropic eye patch for glasses will help to ease everything. 👌 No more pain and tears when it comes to wearing this patch. 🎁 Package Includes: 4 Pcs of Glasses Eye Patches with 4 Different Cartoon Embroidery Patterns ⚙️ Features ✔ Over-Glasses Design Non-Adhesive, no irritation to the eye, breathable. ✔ Medical Nonwoven Fabric Material Comfortable, hypoallergenic, light weight. ✔ Effective Patching Treatment Blackout protection, good coverage and no peeking. ✔ Not Disposable & Reusable No waste, eco-friendly. ✔ Colorful Cartoon Embroidery Patterns Offers maximum fun to kids. Let the kids choose their own patches. 🔎 Find More Colors & Patterns at Astropic Storefront ♥ Buy With Confidence We take customer service seriously and you deserve the best shopping experience. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

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