Progressive Reading Glasses Men & Women – No Line Gradual Multifocal Lenses, 3 Magnification Strengths in 1: +150 Reading, 100 Computer Desk, 50 Distance/Surroundings | Bonus Pouch Included

Optix 55's Progressive Multifocal Reading Glasses deliver three gradual powers with no lines in-between, so you can be comfortable while viewing objects both near and far without unsightly striations.ABOUT THIS PRODUCT: Progressive Multifocal Readers Classic & Timeless Design Pouch Included 3 Magnification Strengths: Computer, distance & Reading Perfect For Heavy Readers Improve Focus & Concentration No Lines Between Magnification Strengths HOW IT WORKSThe bottom of the lens is the reading magnification strength. The middle is a reduced magnification, perfect for computer work. The top most part of the lens has a slightly more reduced magnification for distance viewing and regular interaction.MAGNIFICATION STRENGTHS+100 Reading, +.50 Computer +150 Reading, +100 Computer, +.50 Distance+200 Reading, +100 Computer, +.50 Distance+250 Reading, +175 Computer, +100 Distance+300 Reading, +2.25 Computer, +150 Distance+350 Reading, +275 Computer, +150 DistanceOne key feature of these glasses is that there are no visible lines between each magnification. This allows you to progress seamlessly between magnification strengths without distracting lines.LONG LASTING PERFORMANCE AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICEThese progressive glasses are made from durable, high quality materials and spring hinged lenses that are resistant to wear and tear, so you can enjoy the convenience of our progressive reading glasses for a long time. They come with a pouch to store your glasses when not in use and keep them protected and scratch-free.THE OPTIX 55 PROMISEAt Optix 55, we take pride in providing superior products that make daily life easier and strive to guarantee our customers 100% satisfaction. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need assistance in any way. And of course, if you love your new glasses, we want to hear that as well!

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