ATLanyards Long Oval and Ball Chain Eyeglass Holder – Stainless Steel Glasses Holder Chain

This stainless steel eyeglass chain is just what you need to keep your glasses of any kind close at hand! Stainless steel is super strong, durable, lightweight, shiny, and keeps its shiny silver luster without ever becoming dull. Each individual link is soldered. The length of the chain portion of this eyeglass holder is approximately 27". The overall measurement of this eyeglass holder, including the eyeglass pieces, measures approximately 29". The eyeglass pieces are adjustable! Simply move the silver coiled metal piece so it will hold tight to the ear wires of your glasses. (Be careful not to over tighten.) The lightweight design makes this ideal for comfortable daily use. (*Please note the dime shown in the last product photo is included for size comparison purposes only and is not included in the purchase of this item.*)

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