BIOAQUA Night Repair Delicate Skin Around Eyes Crystal Firming Tightening Cream

Product specifications: 20g Product efficacy: caring for delicate skin around the eyes, restores the skin's moisture level, making the eye contour more clear and bright. Period of use: three years Nourishing and moisturizing Delicate skin around the eyes. The eyes will become bright and attractive! Captivating brilliance of the eyes Care for the delicate skin around the eyes nourishes and strengthens the skin, smooths fine wrinkles. High quality restorative ingredients of the cream nourish the skin around the eyes, helping to say goodbye to aging skin changes! Long-lasting skin nourishment. Crystal clear brilliance. Clear complexion. Nourishing and moisturizing. Smooth skin. Abundance of an elasticity. Soft skin. Moisture. Delicate skin. Park springs tightening soft skin cream. Permanent skin penetration of nutrients prevents age-related skin changes Method of use Use the technique 1. Take cream amount of the grain size and apply on the skin area above eye, outer corner of the eyelid and on skin below eye. 2. Massage the cream from the outer corner of the eye directly to the inner corner, then stroke skin for full absorption.

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