BLUPOND Glasses Strap & Holder Set – Anti Slip Silicone Ear Hooks and Band for Sports Sunglasses Retainer Keepon Gripper – Pack of 3 (Black)

At BLUPOND, we know how important your eyeglasses and sunglasses are to you. Whether it be for reading, night driving, sports, shooting, work, or outdoor adventuring, one of the most important things about our eyewear is FIT. Even the best eyewear on the market is rendered virtually useless if the fit is even slightly off. That is why we created the BLUPOND Anti-Slip Silicone eyewear set. Perfect for anything from sweating in the shop or reading in the office, prevent annoying slippage and sliding, and even costly drops and breaks with your new favorite eyewear accessory! Intuitively designed from the most comfortable & wearable silicone gel for hours of extended use - easily transform almost any of your favorite eyewear into the most secure fit for your needs. Custom design for most shapes & sizes - BLUPOND's Anti-Slip silicone set is perfect for men and women; children and adults! The most secure, reliable accessory fit for your favorite eyewear. BLUPOND

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