C’est La Vie Premium Eyelash Serum for Growth and Enhancement – Stronger, Longer, Fuller Looking Moisturized and Nourished Lashes (9.0ml/0.32 Fl. Oz)

They say the eyes are the window to your soul, but what about your eyelashes? Make your eyes pop with the Cest La Vie Premium Eyelash Growth Serum. Choose to enhance the way you look with a non-expensive and effective formula.The Cest La Vie Serum contains vitamins, proteins, and nutrients that not only boosts and encourages growth but protects and repair the lashes as well. The hydrolyzed silk has excellent moisture binding properties. Three proteins namely: hydrolyzed corn protein, hydrolyzed wheat protein, and hydrolyzed soy protein nourishes your lash line to reinforce a healthier looking appearance. The UVA ursi (bearberry) leaf extract also acts as a moisture and skin conditioning agent.If you want fuller, longer, and healthier looking eyelashes, then be sure to try the Cest La Vie Eyelash Serum. It is friendly on the skin and will cause no irritation even to the most sensitive ones. It is easy to use as well. Just apply the eyelash serum to the base of your upper eyelashes using the applicator brush. Nice and easy. This may also be used for your eyebrows, and is suitable even for men.It may not be a onetime, big time change but once the serum takes effect you won’t regret every single penny!

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