Anti Aging Eye Wrinkles Collagen Serum, 0.50oz / 15ml

Put up with Aging Signs No More! There's no need for you to put up with those aging signs anymore. Wrinkles, eye bags or droopy eyelids - there now is a definitive answer to all the difficult questions: Salcoll Collagen Eye & Lips Serum, the best anti-wrinkle serum available in the market! We Use the Highest Potency Type I Marine Collagen! Unlike most other anti-aging serums out there, we use the best available Type I Marine Collagen derived from salmon skin. Type I collagen is what you need to take care of skin problems, and that's precisely what this lips & eye serum brings to the table. Tighten Your Facial Skin in Minutes With this anti-wrinkle serum, you can now visibly minimize aging signs like saggy skin, drooping eyelids, wrinkles, fine lines, eye bags, dark circles & more. Marine collagen helps in repairing, restoring & revitalizing broken or damaged skin tissue, while the complex formulation of amino acids helps boost the production of natural collagen. It also provides deep moisturization to retain skin elasticity & improve skin texture. Visible reduction in aging signs is typically observed within minutes. How to Apply? Apply the serum in moderate quantities around your eyes & lips. Use daily for better & long-lasting results. Store in a cool & dry place. Safer than Other Collagen Serums Salcoll Collagen Anti-Aging Serum is hypoallergenic & can be used on all skin types. It's free of chemical additives & fragrances. Unlike other face serums, it leaves no greasy residue behind. We can't turn the clock back - but we certainly can slow it down! Try out the best anti-wrinkle serum right away & defy those dreaded aging signs - Click 'Add to Cart' to order right now!

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