Cholesterol NF – 3.5oz / 100g

Description: Cholesterol is a sterol that produces the emollient effect of lanolin alcohols. The skin lipids present on the skin surface contain Cholesterol. Obtained from sheep wool derivatives. White granules or powder. Not water-soluble. Oil-soluble. INCI Name: Cholesterol CAS: 57-88-5 Properties: Excellent natural emollient. The hydrophobic nature of Cholesterol helps for irritated, dry & chapped skin and for dry, damaged hair. Used for increasing the water retention and barrier properties of skin and hair. Restores barrier properties of damaged skin. Use & Storage: To be mixed into the oil phase of formulations. Use levels: 1-10%. For external use only. Stable when kept in a closed container at a cool & dry place. Applications: Creams, lotions, hair care products (conditioners, hair pomades).

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