Clic Magnetic Reader – Dark Tortoise – Strength +3.5

You've found the best selling CliC magnetic reader! This is a great innovation in reading glasses, engineered to make your readers convenient, easy to wear and comfortable. The two lenses are held together by a strong magnet which allows the two sides to be seperated and worn hanging down around your neck when not in use. To put them on, you simply raise the sides to your nose, click the magnet together and you're all set! These are worn my many TV and film personalities and are really a wonderful and handy innovation in reading glasses. The headband (retainer) is adjustable at each temple by simply siliding the strap back from the front of the lenses. This allows for more comfortable fit on a wide variety of head sizes. These fit and wear incredibly well and are hang comfortably when not in use. We consider the Clic line as one of our best values: it's rugged, lightweight construction, ergonomic and has long durability. Available in strengths from +1.25 up to +3.5. Available in Black (with regular, long or XXL sizes), Dark Tortoise (regular or XXL) Rimless top Sonoma in Light Tortoise or Clear colors. And, as always, Free Domestic US Shipping.

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