MySpex 103 Silver / Lavender Pearl – Strength +1.0

This is MySpex style 103. These colorful oval shaped premium reading glasses are as much of a fashion statement as they are convenient optical-quality folding glasses. The top band is a acetate color/tint with the bridge (nose top) and temples having a complimentary color. The pinched oval shape lenses are rimless on the bottom making for a transparent bottom look while wearing these, and allowing you to look down without a frame line in your vision. These are very nice, upscale fashion glasses made of optical quality materials. Offered in the four most common reading strengths along with a zero power (plano) lens so you can have your prescription put in at your local optical shop. Available in these five awesome color combinations: Sahara (brown) top with Gold temples, Cosmopolitan Cream Top with Gold Temples, Azul Blue Top with Pewter Temples, Onyx and Gold Top with Silver Temples or Lavender Pearl Top with Silver Temples. These are really nice looking...don't be afraid to make a fashion statement!

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