Complete MoisturePlus Multi-Purpose Solution, No Rub, 12-oz Bottle

Rejuvenate with tear-like moisturizers and electrolytes. Cleans, rinses, stores, disinfects, removes protein for soft contact lenses. The optical spa in a bottle. Treat yourself to a multi-purpose solution with Taurine, 4 electrolytes and long-lasting moisturizers that rejuvenate and refresh your contact lenses throughout the day. 8 of 10 Lens wearers prefer Complete MoisturePlus. Rated better at keeping eyes comfortable than previously used multi-purpose solutions. How the Tear-Like Moisturizers Work with Your Lenses: Propylene Glycol - Penetrates the lens; Hydrates and keeps water inside the lens. HPMC - Coats the outer surface of the lens; Conditions lenses and seals in moisture; Slowly released throughout the day. Taurine and 4 electrolytes for healthy lens wear. Made in Spain.

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