Designer Medical Grade Contact Lens Case | Eske Style – Teal Colored

Eske keeps your eyes safe and healthy. Traditional cases are made from material that scratch easily especially when washed, which form micro-pockets where dirt collects, so the more we wash our traditional cases, the dirtier they get. Eske cases solve this issue by being: (A) Scratch-resistant. (B) Medical-grade. (C) Hydrophobic. All these properties make Eske cases easy to clean and keep clean. Eske cases are highly customizable and here are the top 11 benefits that Eske provides you! 1) Eske cases have an easy peel-open design that is arthritis friendly. 2) Large enough to fit Scleral lenses. 3) Transparent and easy to see through. 4) Stackable so stack all the cases for the entire family! 5) Left and right sides can detach creating a single contact lens case, so if you wear lens in only one eye, this case if for you! 6) Luxurious design, fashionable colors, and elegant shape makes Eske easy to accessorize with. 7) Compact tower structure makes the cases easy to travel with. 8) Wear Scleral lenses? No problem! They fit! Make sure to use regular contact lens solution. 9) Keeps dust and allergens out while still allowing air-flow for healthy lenses. 10) Long lasting. Traditional cases may last 3 weeks upto 3 months. Eske cases last 6-12 months depending on the intensity of your use. 11) Distinguish between left and right cases. If you have poor vision or during a low-light situation, Eske cases help you out! There are feel-able tactile L and R markers on the bottom of each case. The left Lid also has a feel-able L protrusion that helps you distinguish between the left and right lids too. These cases are great for men, women, teenagers, kids, business travelers, sports athletes, working professionals, busy moms, and for luxury designer wear. Protect your eye health. Come join the Eske revolution. What are you waiting for?

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