FIOTOK Plastic Contact Lens Cleaning Lenses Case

FIOTOK Plastic Contact Lens Cleaning Lenses Travel Case Cleaning Contact Lens Cases Eye Care,Portable and Multifunction.Specifications: - Material : High quality plastic. - Color: Blue - Case size : 3.5cm*3.5cm*4.5cmHow To Use: 1. Open the lid and use tweezers gently put your left and right lens on separate holders. 2. Fill in the lens preserving fluid not exceeding the water line on the bottle. 3. Close holders tightly and put them back to the bottle. 4. Make sure the product is sealed properly. 5. Rotate the top of the lid to clean your contact lens.Features: → This contact lens cleaner can be used for cleaning and storage of various types of contact lenses. → Lens daily care, more healthy and comfortable to wear. → Made of durable plastic, environmentally-friendly and safe to use. → Convenient to carry with your bag, wallet or pocket. Suitable for home using or during travelling or outdoor activity. → Easy to use and operate, you can clean your lens effectively and correctly just by turning the lid. → Please note that wash by contact lenses solutions only, can not use detergent, soap and other washing. → Eye experts recommend this product to be replaced once every 3 months. → No impurity can be found in the cleaning box, otherwise the lens will be damaged.Package Included: 1 X Manually Contact Lens Travel Case

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