EMI Pocket 3 Piece Goniometer Set: Finger Goniometer, 6″ Goniometer, 180 Degree 6″ Goniometer EGM-430

Elite Medical Instruments 3 piece pocket Goniometer set. EMI 180 degree pocket goniometer: Clear plastic goniometers have 5-inch linear scale calibrated in inches and centimeters. EMI Finger Goniometer: Plastic flexion-hyper extension clar plastic goniometer features and easy to read scale, markings for up to 20 degrees hyper extension and 120 degrees of flexion. The 3" clear plastic model is ideal for any clinic, doctors office, hospital, and is suitable for home use as a tool to measure recovery after injury. EMI 6" Round Goniometer: This protractor goniometer is designed to measure the range of motion in a patient's joints. Measures a full 360 degree range in single degree increments. Conforms to ISOM standards. Made of clear pastlic. 6 inch size.

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