Magnifying Make up Eyeglasses, 3X Magnification, Single Lens, Flip-able Each Side Cosmetic Application

Our "Makeup Glasses" make getting ready enjoyable again, helping you apply makeup without straining or squinting your eyes, easily and in no time! If your eyes hurt after you are all done putting makeup on this is the solution for you! The adjustable wire frame design has two glass specs with hinges that fold down, ideal for applying mascara, filling in eyebrows, eyeliner, eye shadows and contact lenses. And that's not all- It helps with the rest of your makeup application as well so you can have a flawless and more professional makeup look! The very simple straightforward design will allow you to flip down the 3X magnifying specs to view one eye, as you make up the other! They are so useful you will want to tell all your friends about them!

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