Endust for Electronics, Touchscreen cleaning wipes, Great tablet wipes, 70 count (12596)

With touchscreens growing in popularity, they can end up being the worst when it comes to dirt and debris. Between little fingerprints making their way to your mobile devices, sneezing while texting, make up smudges, oil from a slice of pizza, dust and much more, Endust for Electronics created a solution. Meet SKU 12596, touchscreen wipes! Antistatic cleaning wipes that are lightly moistened for cleaning light dirt and debris. This tub contains 70 wipes per canister for a perfect home and office solution. Apple watches are a breeze to clean. 1 wipe is perfect for a small electronic surface. Larger screens are great, but require extra wipes depending on the size and debris. People who wear foundation or powder love that it removes the debris and skin oil smudges on their portable devices. Smart TV, smart watch, smartphone, mobile devices, cell phone, tablet, touch screen monitors, touch screen laptops, and navigation systems are great for these wipes. The debris clings to the fabric on the wipe, rather than leave excess debris once your device dries. For advanced streak removal pair with an Endust for Electronics microfiber towel. Important Information: ALWAYS turn off the device prior to cleaning ALWAYS wait until the device has cooled down before using a wipe NEVER clean warm/hot screens, the device must be cool for effective cleaning NEVER pair with a kitchen towel, recommended is Endust for Electronics Microfiber Towels CAUTION, keep out of reach of children & pets

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