Epad Stick On Adhesive Soft Foam Nose Pads for Glasses (2-Sheet Pack – 20 Pads, Peach)

Adhesive stick on Peach Color soft foam nose pads for eyeglasses and sunglasses add comfort to the nose area from hard surfaces of an eyeglass frame. Quantity: You receive 2 sheets of press on nose pads, where each sheet contains 10 pads (5 pairs). So you receive a grand total of 20 pads (10 pairs) of premium quality self adhesive foam nose pads for eyeglasses. Easy To Carry: Each nose pad sheet measures approximately 2-1/4 inch x 1-5/8 inch (58x41 millimeters) which provides a smart and convenient size to fit in your wallet, purse, or pouch. Clean Frame First: Before applying the nose pads to your eyeglass or sunglasses frame, please make sure that your frame is squeaky clean and free of all skin oils, lotions, facial make-up residues, etc. as these substances will greatly reduce the bonding properties of the nose pad adhesive. These nose pads are intended to adhere to plastic frames, they are Not intended to be placed over existing nose pads or nose pieces.

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