Eye Gel (1.7 oz) BEST for dark circles, fine lines, puffiness & bags, wrinkles, anti-aging – 100% Natural, 72% Organic – Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, Aloe, MSM, Cucumber, Peptides

Naturally Rooted Premium Eye Gel is a lightweight and effective formula of organic and natural ingredients. Want a skincare product that will help restore aging skin? Our unique formula of peptides help stimulate collagen and elastin fibroblasts. This stimulation supports the healing and repair response in the skin, increases skin thickness, refines the appearance of wrinkles, evens skin tone and texture, and restores elasticity and firmness to the skin. Hyaluronic Acid, periwinkle, licorice, and MSM ensure that deep penetration below the upper dermal layers transform crepe paper skin into healthy, resilient, and firm skin around your eyes. Made in the USA - Cruelty Free - Paraben Free - Gluten Free Our Antiwrinkle treatment is safe to use both morning and at night, and can be used under makeup.

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