Eye Glasses String Holder Strap – Eyeglass Straps Cords for Men Women – Eyeglass Holders Around Neck – Sunglasses String Chain Lanyard Retainer

Never Worry About Losing Your Glasses AgainDo you have a hard time securing your eyeglasses around your neck? Do you need the best eye glasses string holder to keep your expensive eyeglasses safe? This glasses strap is crafted to help you keep your costly glasses securely on and in sight all the time. Designed to make wearing eyewear a pleasure, this glasses lanyard features an advanced loop protection mechanism that ensures your glasses never falls or slips off even in the roughest situations. Thanks to its versatile construction, this glasses chain for men is guaranteed to provide 100% fall protection for different kinds of sunglasses and eyewear during sports or your regular daily adventures.A Stylish, Safe and High-Quality Eyeglasses StrapFor longevity and comfort, these eyeglass straps for men are crafted from soft and premium-quality materials. These eyeglass lanyards for men are made to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use to secure your glasses for years. Also, these eyeglass chains for men are stylish and made snugly fit all types of glasses temples including the small and wide ones.A Multipurpose Eyeglasses String HolderThis eye glasses chain for women is perfect for securing reading glasses, eyeglasses, sunglasses, bifocals and other kinds of eyewear. For a bold effect and style, these eyeglass holders around neck for women come in vibrant black colors to match everything you can think of. This eyeglass strap for women comes in a neutral black color that can be easily paired with any outfit or fashion style.Package Includes4 Long-Lasting Eyeglass Chains and Cords for Women in Vibrant Black Colors1 Stylish Cleaning Cloth

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