Eye Mask Puffy Eyes Dark Circles Treatment Bamboo Charcoal Crystal Moisture Anti Wrinkle Aging Relieve Fatigue Eyelid Patch 20 Pairs

Description: This eye mask adopts bamboo charcoal, which can complete the eye nutrition. This eye mask can help you improve the skin cell survival environment to promote skin metabolism and enhance blood circulation and repair eye skin. Moisturizing and add eye skin moisture. Effectively enhance the eye skin tension and elasticity. So, it is a good choice for you to improve your eye skin. Features: Shaped to fit all eye shapes. Specifications:  Condition: 100% Brand New Item Type: Eye Mask Color: Black Function: Eye Skin Care Quantity: 20 Pairs Product Size: Approx. 1 × 1 × 1cm / 0.4 × 0.4 ×  0.4inch Weight: Approx. 286g Applicable People: 1. Not enough sleep, irregular life and often stay up late. 2. Improper eating and drinking. 3. Long-term use of eye make-up or cosmetic misuse. 4. Long-term reading, writing, driving, using computer, watching TV and other ways easy to cause eyestrain. Instructions: 1. Clean you eyes with warm water and wipe them dry. 2. Apply the eye mask to the eye skin. 3. 20-30 minutes each time. 4. Use it once a day at the beginning, 30 days later, use it every 1-2 days. Package Included: 20 × Pairs of Eye Mask

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