Eyeglass Nose Pads Sunglasses Ultra-soft PVC Nosepads 15 Style 150 Pairs with Storage Case

Material: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) The majority of polyvinyl chloride PVC nose pads are made of a soft firm plastic material that provides comfortable support of eyeglass frames over the facial nasal area. As with all nose pads fabricated from any material, nose pads need to be properly adjusted so that the nosepads fit flush against the skin, otherwise the weight of the eyeglass frame may leave pressure indentations on the skin. Main Features Premium Grade, Non-slip PVC Nose pads Comfortable and practically weightless Allergy-free, barely noticeable when worn Very easy to put on and remove Available in many different sizes Washable, long lasting Package Include 150 Pairs of eyeglass nose pads (300 pieces) 1 x Storage case

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