Eyeglass, Phone & Screen Cleaner Wipes: Pre Moistened Lens Cleaning Wipe for Use on Eye Glasses, Cell Phones, Computer Screens, Camera Lenses & Other Electronic Devices + Microfiber Cloth (1-Pack)

SAFE & POWERFUL Russell Bean's Dirty Phone Original Screen Wipes aren't the same mass produced lens cleaners you've seen countless times before. Our team spent an entire year fine-tuning this formula to create a truly artisan product that meets your needs and fits perfectly into your daily life. The ammonia free, purified water based cleanser effectively cleans and disinfects screens and lenses without streaks, smudges or a sticky residue. It's non toxic and safe for you, your family and your pets. FOR ALL SCREENS We're constantly handling our glasses, cell phones and mobile devices, which means they can get pretty gross pretty quickly. A single one of our antibacterial wipes takes care of the fingerprints, grease and grime residing on smartphones, eyeglasses, LCD computer screens, LED displays, iPads, rearview mirrors, and much more. PROTECTS ELECTRONICS These soft cleaning wipes are safe for use on your expensive electronics and help protect their delicate displays. The disinfecting formula gently removes dust and dirt without scratching to keep wearable tech, TVs, and tablets looking and performing like new for longer. COMPACT & PORTABLE We thought long and hard on when and where we need this product the most. The answer is anytime and anywhere, which is why we package our pre-moistened, quick-drying cleaning wipes in a durable puck container that can be carried around or kept at home or in your car. Take a travel-friendly pack wherever you go! LIVE CLEANER, HEALTHIER Because our eco friendly wipes aren't individually wrapped, you'll be contributing less paper and plastic waste on a daily basis. We're confident in our product, but if for some reason you don't love your Dirty Phone cleaning wipes, let us know. We'll make it right or refund your money, no questions asked. - 20 Wipes + 1 Microfiber Cloth - Puck Diameter: 2.5 in.; Puck Width: 1 in. - Made in the USA

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