Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, 50 Pack 12 x 16 – for Kitchen, Car, Super Absorbent Cloths – Polishing Shop Rags with Streak Free Finish for Indoor, Outdoor Surfaces – Premium Dusting Huck Towels

NEVER LET A MESS DRAG YOU DOWN: You've just gotten dinner on the table after a long day's work, and you're ready to relax and enjoy yourself - when a glass of water gets knocked over, soaking your dining room table! Never worry, you can simply and swiftly clean up that mess with these microfiber kitchen cleaning cloths by Green Lifestyle, which have been designed to hold 7 times their weight in liquid! This microfiber towel set of 50 is ready to get to work cleaning up every spill in your house, so that each surface will be spotless in one swipe - from bathroom sinks to your truck's dashboard. Reusable, ergonomic and durable, our microfiber car cleaning cloths will wipe away stress over any messes in your home - like they wiped away that grease from your stove! WHAT'S INCLUDED: (10) Green Cleaning Cloths (10) Pink Cleaning Cloths (10) Blue Cleaning Cloths (10) Light Khaki Cleaning Cloths (10) Grey Cleaning Cloths PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Materials: Microfiber Size: 12 x 16 inches THE BEST RAG FOR EVERY JOB: Our microfiber towels for cars are designed to be gentle and soft, so that they won't scratch paint, coats, glass or mirrors, all while leaving a gorgeous, streak-free finish. These are low lint microfiber cleaning rags, and they dry quickly after getting wet - plus they are strong enough to stand up to any mess you throw them at, just rinse and keep cleaning! Use our microfiber dusting cloths indoors or outdoors - anywhere that needs the best polishing you can give, all without any abrasive chemical cleaners or wasting a bunch of paper towels. At Green Lifestyle, we believe in providing superior microfiber drying cloths to suit your home and needs. If you aren't 100% satisfied, return our towels for a refund or replacement.

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