Eyeglass Sunglasses Repair Kit, 1000Pcs Tiny Screws Nut Washer with Micro Screwdriver Tweezers for Watch Clock Toy Repair

★ Still be worries for missing the eyeglasses screws or replace the lost screws ? Weico Eyeglasses Repair Kit can help you, repair your glasses by yourself. Replace Lost Screws: Weico eyeglasses repair kit contains a wide assortment of screw sizes. You will find the one that fits in. With the tweezers provided, you can pick out screws much more easily. Tighten Loose Srrews: Some screws tend to get loose from constant usage. In this case, just pick-up screwdriver to tighten them up. Applications: Can be used to repair screws for eyeglasses, sunglasses, watches, cellphones and other precise devices. Feature: Screws nuts washers: Stainless Steel Screwdriver: Stainless Steel Tweezer: Iron Package included: ★ Approx. 56pcs plastic screw cap ★ Approx. 56pcs plastic T convex washer ★ Approx. 56pcs screw washer ★ Approx. 56pcs screw nut ★ Approx. 56pcs 2.5*1.4*8.0 ★ Approx. 56pcs 2.5*1.4*6.0 screw ★ Approx. 56pcs 2.5*1.4*4.5 screw ★ Approx. 56pcs 2.5*1.4*4.0 screw ★ Approx. 56pcs 2.0*1.4*3.8 screw ★ Approx. 56pcs 2.0*1.4*3.6 screw ★ Approx. 56pcs 2.0*1.4*3.4 screw★ Approx. 56pcs 2.0*1.4*3.2 screw★ Approx. 56pcs 2.0*1.4*3.0 screw ★ Approx. 56pcs 2.0*1.4*2.8 screw★ Approx. 56pcs 2.0*1.4*2.6 screw★ Approx. 56pcs 2.0*1.4*2.4 screw★ Approx. 56pcs 1.0*3.6★ Approx. 56pcs screw tip ★ 1 x Multi-function mini screwdriver ★ 1 x Mini tweezer ★ 1 x Transparent plastic box★ Warming Tips: The screws are of various sizes, please double check and select the exact size you need for your reparing work. This product contains small parts, please keep away from babies, small children and pets.

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