Eyeglasses Repair Kit, 1100Pcs Tiny Screws and 5 Pairs Nose Pads Stainless Steel Set with Micro Screwdriver Tweezer for Glasses, Sunglasses, Watch Repair

▶ Still be worries for missing the eyeglasses screws or replace the glasses nose pads? Becory Eyeglasses Repair Kit can help you, repair your glasses by yourself. Features:- 1100 Pieces of assorted eyeglasses screws/ washer/ nuts and 5 pairs screw nose pads are packed in a 12 grids transparent plastic box with size information on the bottom.- 3 in 1 Mini Screwdriver: Flat head screwdriver/ Phillips screwdriver/ Star nut driver, be used to repair or screw up screws.- Mini tweezer easy to pick out the screws you need.- Our tool kits are good for most of repairing eyeglasses, sunglasses and watches, etc. Specification: Screws nuts washers: Stainless Steel Nose pads: PVC Screwdriver: Stainless Steel Tweezer: Iron Package included:- 100pcs 1.0*3.6 (normal nose pad screws)- 100pcs 1.2*3.6 (nose pad screws)- 100pcs 2.0*1.4*2.6 (metal screws)- 100pcs 2.0*1.4*4.0 (metal screws)- 100pcs 2.5*1.4*4.0 (metal screws)- 100pcs 2.5*1.4*5.0 (normal screws)- 100pcs 2.5*1.6*4.0 (sunglasses screws)- 100pcs 2.5*1.6*5.0 (sunglasses screws)- 100pcs screws nuts- 100pcs screw washer- 100pcs plastic convex washer- 5 pairs screw nose pads- 1 x multi-function mini screwdriver- 1 x Mini tweezer- 1 x Transparent plastic box Warming Tips: While using, please remember corresponding size before rotating the lid, take care when opening the lid. This product contains small parts, please keep away from babies and small children.

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