Flax Seed and Lavender Silky Satin Eye Pillow with Matching Slip Cover

Our lavender bud and flax eye pillows create a gentle soothing touch over the eyes. This pillow fabric is made using a lush and shimmering purple satin that feels a little like silk, it is filled with american grown flax seeds and lavender buds. They are perfect for migraines, stress and insomnia. Useful for healing, centering and relaxing. For hot therapy, microwave one. For cold therapy, freeze one. These pillows are wonderful to cover your eyes. The pillow measures 10 long by 3.5 inches wide and 0.8 inches deep. These custom made high quality pillows may vary in size by 1/8 to 1/4 inch. As for the lavender scent just enough, not overpowering and when it stops to have a suitably strong aroma just knead the pillow and the lavender buds will open up and release more scent. Comes with a matching slip cover. Freeze for as long as you like in the supplied zip lock bag or microwave in 15 to 20 intervals for no more than one minute.

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