Flip n Slide, Contact Lens Case, Flip Top, (four 3-packs, 12 cases)

Try a Flip n Slide flip top case and you'll never go back to your old screw top case - just flip open & close! And flip over to safely air dry. Join the millions who have switched from "old school" screw tops to easy to open & close flip tops. Flip n Slide contact lens cases are distributed by America's #1 selling contact lens case brands. Intended for storage of hard or soft lenses during chemical disinfection. Flip n Slide contact lens cases are perfect for individuals or families who replace their case often. It's easy to replace your case at least monthly with Flip n Slide. REPLACE YOUR CASE MONTHLY Medical research reveals that nearly all lens cases grow harmful bacteria, fast (1-2 wks). The bacteria jump onto your lenses and make your eyes itchy and irritable. What's more, nasty bacteria can cause eye infections and a very real chance of a horribly painful eye infection that can cause blindness. Protect your eye health and replace your case at least monthly. Here's a tip to remember: When you replace your contact lenses, replace your case (at least monthly). Never wash your contact lens case with water. Rinse only with your multi-purpose solution. If water comes in contact with your case, replace it immediately with a new case. Don't risk an eye infection - your eyes are too important. Flip n Slide contact lens cases are recyclable.

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