Gel Eye Mask, Hangover Mask Hot or Cold Premium Reusable Gel Mask, Helps to Sooth Puffy Faces, Tired Eyes, Dark Circles, Headaches and Hangovers

What makes us different? Unlike other masks in the industry our mask stays cold or hot for longer than others due to our advanced Gel technology, our mask comes with an adjustable strap that will fit any head size. The Hangover Mask also comes with a free travel case. Why trust us We have put years of work into designing and upgrading the hangover mask with help from thousands of customers. Our mask is fully FDA Approved and manufactured under strict quality control. We ensure that the Hangover Mask is a safe and sterile healthcare product. We have sold hundreds of thousands of hangover masks worldwide offering gold standard customer service. What does the hangover mask provide? Our mask can be used as a hot or cold treatment. If you suffer from Headaches or migraines caused by stress, minor sleep conditions, tension, sinuous pressure, cluster headaches, puffy eyes, fatigued eye area, dark circles, dry eyes, brain pressure point pains or have any post-surgery conditions our mask can help you. How to use Our cooling gel eye mask is designed for comfort, effectiveness and convenience. Its refreshing, relaxing and we include a complimentary zip pouch for travel and hygiene. Your cooling face mask will stay odour free inside your fridge. Simply fix the straps of the gel eye mask at your preferred comfort. Once secure lie down and relax and allow it to work. Our mask is made from a very soft material that is latex-free and easily conforms to the contours of your face.

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