Glasses Cleaner with Microfiber Cloth, Travel Lens Cleaning Kit, Pack of 2 Sprays (Pocket Size 0.7 Fl. Oz.) Ammonia & Alcohol Free, Lightly Scented, Biodegradable Made in Europe (Apple – Apple)

100% biodegradable, our pocket-size travel eyeglass spray quickly cleans all kinds of lenses. Kit includes 2 x scented bottles - plus 2 free microfiber cloth. Made in Spain (not China, like other sprays).It never fails. You're out & about, and you notice that your glasses are dirty. But your big, bulky bottle of lens spray is sitting back home in the bathroom. What can you do - except use your sleeve, which could scratch your expensive lenses?Solution: Micro Clean Eyeglass CleanerThis convenient cleansing spray comes in a set of 2 compact bottles, each perfectly sized to fit in your pocket, purse, or glasses case. So, you'll always have your cleaner on hand when & where you need it. Plus, you can keep your free microfiber wipe (included) with you 24/7: Simply stow it in your bottle's vented cap.Each Long-Lasting Bottle Provides: Up to 500 sprays, micro-diffused to evenly cover your lenses Potent de-greasing formula, specially made to remove spots & smears Fresh, pleasing Apple or Lemon scentSafe for All Glasses Forget those harsh eyeglass cleaners, which can harm lenses & break down coatings. Your new Micro Clean spray is 100% free of all alcohol, ammonia & other damaging solvents... so you can use it with confidence for: Polycarbonate lenses Coated lenses - UV-resistant, anti-glare, anti-scratch, etc. Sunglasses Reading glasses & moreThis versatile spray can even clean digital screens - phone, tablet, laptop, camera, etc.Add to Cart Now to Keep Lenses Sparkling-Clean. Eyeglasses care kit

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