Glasses and Screen Spray Cleaner – 2 Bottles With Plush Cleaning Cloth and Vinyl Pouch for Camera Lenses, Touchscreens, Phones, Eyeglasses and Sunglasses – By OptiPlix

OptiPlix brings you 2 bottles of portable spray cleaner together with a plush microfiber cleaning cloth for your iPhone, sunglasses, smartphones, camera lenses & tablet screens. The pocket sprayers are refillable and reusable. This OptiPlix cleaning spray embodies convenience, offering pocket sized cleaning power wherever you go.Product Features:• One Black 2oz Spray Bottle• One Black 1oz Bottle of Cleaning Spray• One Dark Grey 6x7 Microfiber Cleaning Cloth in a Vinyl Pouch• Anti-Static Formula• Packed in Reusable Vinyl Pouch. You can count on OptiPlix for the handiest lens cleaning spray. Your portable eyeglass cleaner spray is always ready for anti-static dust repelling action. Slip your OptiPlix cleaner spray into your pocket or handbag for eyeglass or screen cleaning anytime, anywhere. You can thoroughly & gently clean your prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses, camera lenses without streaks, smudges, or fingerprints. The cleaning solution is biodegradable, contains NO ammonia, sulfates, or phosphates.This super versatile cleaning spray works for reading glasses, sports glasses, safety goggles, binoculars, laptops, GPS devices, video game screens and all your touchscreen devices, including, smartphones, tablets, and eReaders. Keep devices clean & streak free with our quality cleaning cloth of soft polyester made for delicate cleaning. Use the handy microfiber cleaning cloth for dusty surfaces like TVs, computer screens, fingerprinted jewelry or lenses. Use it with or without the cleaning spray. For convenient travel packaging you can't beat this easy fit for a coat pocket, purse, bag, or glove box. You can clean even an ATM after a sneezer, a yoga mat, light switch, etc.Get the OptiPlix spray for the ultimate in hygiene and sanitary personal care.

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