Glasses Cleaner Spray Kit – Includes Thick Microfiber Cloth For Eyeglass Cleaning Solution

Good quality Glasses Cleaner Spray from Better Seeing. People love our Glasses Cleaner Kit and we are proud of that. The main reason is that it doesn't scratch or leave smudges on the surface and that it comes with a microfiber cloth! Additional to that it also works perfectly as a screen cleaner. Better Seeing eyeglasses cleaner leaves any type of screen or surface spotless. Our cleaner can be called by many different names. It can be used to take care your: - Phone; - E-reader; - Tablet; - Notebook; - Smartphone; - Binocular; - GPS navigation; - Eyeglass cleaner; - Computer screen; - Camera lenses; - Laptop Screen; - Sunglasses; - Reading glasses; - Lens cleaner; - TV (HD, LED and LCD); - and many many more. Works like universal cleaner!To use Better Seeing glasses cleaner kit just spray it on the surface and clean it with a microfiber cloth which is included in the pack. If your screens or glasses are extremely dirty, then do it once again and be surprised by the end result. The product is really handy 2 oz (60ml) and comes in a snap pouch with microfiber cloth what you can easily carry around where ever you go.We Stand By Our Product With Our Whole Team. Join us by seeing the world in a better way with Better Seeing!

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