Glasses Cleaning Spray Pen with Pocket Clip – 4ml Eyewear and Camera Lens Solution – Doubles as Writing Pen – Pink – 1 Pack – By OptiPlix

You never know when you're going to need a pen so you always carry one around in your bag, right? You also like to keep your glasses clean but smudging them against your shirt only makes it worse. With OptiPlix, you can have both! Our Pen Spray is a convenient little utensil that you can carry around in your bag, purse, or pocket for whenever you need to jot down a phone number and keeping your classes crystal clear! The best 2-in-1 item you can ever have!PRODUCT FEATURES• Pen Spray - Top Functions as a Water Spray While the Bottom Functions as a Pen!• Available in 1 Pack or 3 Pack• Comes in 3 Colors: Blue, Pink or Clear• Spray Holds Up to 4mm of Liquid• Black Ink Pen• 5.5" Pen That You Can Easily Store in a Bag or PocketSUPER CONVENIENT MULTIFUNCTIONING UTENSILIt's always the little things that end up having the biggest impact on our lives. Our Pen Spray is just over 5 inches tall so you can easily carry it around with you anywhere. Fits in any storage unit or pocket so you can whip it out for writing down a quick note and wiping down your glasses to help you see clearly all in one! Quickly clean up your rear-view or side-view mirrors in an instant with a quick spritz of water when they get too murky. With so much utility in such a small item, there's no way you can go without it!A LOVELY GIFT ANYONE WOULD LOVEEveryone appreciates usefulness. Delivering a super handy Pen Spray to a friend, family member, or coworker is a no-brainer! With so many situations where our Pen Spray can come through in the clutch, there will definitely be a time where anyone will enjoy having this around. It takes up little to no space so keeping this on your person, desk at work, or in your room is definitely worth it. With OptiPlix, you're getting absolute convenience and utility - get a Pen Spray for you or a friend today and live easier!

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