High Performance Vision: How to Improve Your Visual Acuity, Hone Your Motor Skills & Up Your Game

Beyond physical superiority, mental stamina, and smart play, most of the world’s best athletes possess another specific advantage that gives them an edge. We’re not talking about performance-enhancing drugs or blood doping, but something a lot more natural―good vision. Being able to follow a fastball as it flies over home plate, judge the shooting distance to a basketball hoop, or leap in the air to catch that spiraling football at just the right moment all depend on good eyesight. And maximizing one’s vision can make all the difference between a good player and a great one. While wearing corrective lenses is certainly one way to sharpen visual acuity, it isn’t the only one. In his new book, High Performance Vision, sports-vision specialist Dr. Donald Teig, shares his highly successful approach to visual enhancement. During his work with professional athletes over the past forty years, Dr. Teig developed a series of visual and visual-motor performance tests to determine the strengths and weaknesses of their eyesight. After establishing an initial baseline of test results, the athletes were given specific exercises designed to improve their visual skills. He then tested them again and measured the results against the baseline. With each succession of exercises, their sight and motor coordination improved, as did their performance on the playing field. In High Performance Vision, Dr. Teig details his unique approach and offers his highly effective exercise regimen for improving your own vision. If you’ve been looking for safe, natural way to improve your game, High Performance Vision offers the perfect solution. In a clear and reader-friendly style, it shows you how to gain the edge that many pros have used for years.

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