Read Without Glasses at Any Age: The Natural Method to Near Vision Clarity

Imagine easily reading menus by candlelight and impressing your friends by doing so with your own healthy eyes, free from crutches. Or imagine no longer peering over glasses to see people across the room. Won’t that be nice?! If these thoughts appeal to you, this book is for you! Whether your age is 46-ish or 86+, and even if you are only six and just learning to read, this book can be a valuable tool for helping you get past your reading challenges. The methods outlined in this book are simple, easy to learn and just as easy to apply. It does take some time and persistence, but the rewards are huge – a return to natural clear vision, healthier eyes, and easy, glasses-free reading. From the foreword by Ray Gottlieb, O.D., Ph.D.: "I’m pleased to see that Esther Joy van der Werf has written Read Without Glasses at Any Age now. Its publication brings a fresh look at Bates’ work at a time when it’s really needed. Her book gets straight to the point. It is free of fluff and true to Bates’ approach and includes plenty of his original writing about his own and his patients’ experiences of learning to see small print without artificial aids. Esther’s little book takes just an hour or two to read but success comes by learning, doing and staying with the process until it becomes part of who you are, all day, every day for the rest of your life."

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