How I Beat Macular Degeneration in the Early Stages and How You Can, Too!

A NEW TOTAL HEALTH PROGRAM FOR AGES 18 AND UP -Builds energy & career success - improves vision - many proven health tips -Developed for career success in the exciting computer & aviation industries -Further improved to enable those over 50 to avoid a worldwide eye epidemic currently affecting one in three people over the age of 65 -blurred vision that prevents reading, driving, and recognizing faces -DON'T WAIT - ACT NOW TO BUILD YOUR HEALTH & SAVE YOUR SIGHT! -Simple - easy - affordable -Originally developed and proven for building high energy levels and stamina to meet the demands of career success in the exciting computer and aviation industries, this simple daily natural foods regimen, with certain basic supplements, has been further improved with information from expert sources -- reversing the symptoms of macular degeneration, which currently affects one in three people over age 65. Fully updated with the newest knowledge.Eye doctors are amazed - the symptoms are gone, and many are experiencing crystal-clear vision as never before, with energy levels like people of many years younger! This is ideally suited for active people of all ages who lead busy lives. Based on the Mediterranean diet, with special improvements.Softcover 115-page large print book including lists of most healthy and delicious daily natural foods; the secrets of helpful supplemental vitamins and minerals; natural foods for liver detox; foods to be avoided; practical ways to obtain quality exercise, rest, and the best water; amber sunglasses; eye charts to note any problems and see improvements; tips for busy people - prepare fast quality food; special kitchen tips; additional health and healing tips; return of natural hair color; sources of products tested and proven; and additional reading from expert sources.  To contact the author you can call (626) 966-5791.

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