ATLanyards Blue with Maroon & White Accents Unisex Eyeglass Holder, Black Grips 316

This paracord eyeglass holder is a great solution to keeping track of your glasses. Whether you have regular glasses, reading glasses, sunglasses, or bifocals this eyeglass holder will help keep them safe and close at hand when you need them. The paracord strand measures approximately 27". The total length of the eyeglass holder, including the eyeglass grips, is aprroximately 29". The cord is made of 2mm #95 paracord. Paracord is a nickname for parachute cording and is used in things such as outdoor climbing activities. You can be confident paracord is a long lasting, very durable material that will not pull or fray like similar eyeglass cords. Despite its durability it will hang softly while in use. The findings and jump rings used on this eyeglass holder are made of stainless steel and will not lose their shiny silver luster over time. The eyeglass grips included on this eyeglass holder measure 3/4" long x 3/16" wide (Please note the dime in the last product photo is shown for cord size comparison purposes only and is not included in the purchase of this item.) If you like this eyeglass holder we invite you to search our other colors and styles. We offer several eyeglass grip options and a huge amount of colors in different materials including glass beads, stainless steel chain, and paracord. You are sure to find an eyeglass holder you (or a loved one) will enjoy! You can search our eyeglass holder inventory by typing 'ATLanyards eyeglass holder' into the Amazon search bar or by clicking the blue ATLanyards link above the product photo. To see more paracord colors type 'ATLanyards paracord eyeglass' into the Amazon search bar.

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