How to put on contact lenses for first time?

  • Wash your hands well – lens hygiene is mandatory. Rinse lenses with primary and appropriate solution. To avoid confusion of the lens to create a habit always start with the right eye. Contact lens should be clean and slightly damp. Make sure the lens has not turned. This is done by putting it on the forefinger and watch whether its natural spherical shape.
  • Look in the mirror during placement of the lens. Put the contact lens with the index of the dominant your hand. Open wide lower and the upper eyelid with middle fingers.
  • Then gently place the contact lens in the eye with using the pointer while continuing to hold wide open eyelid with your middle fingers.
  • Gently release the lids and blink. With this lens is automatically centered. In this lens should already lie normally on your eye. The left eye lens is placed in the same way.

How to remove contact lenses?

  • Start with the right lens. first you should wash your hands and dry them. Look up and Move the lens with pointer to the lower half of eye.
  • Hold the lens gently between thumb and forefinger and remove it from the eye. Place lens in a container with solution.