Ice Roller 2 Kits set Face Body Massage Stainless Steel Wheel/ABS Wheel Prevent Wrinkles Anti Aging for Face & Eye wrinkle Puffiness,Migraine,Pain Relief and Minor Injury

Ultra-Versatile Skin Roller - A refreshing facial massager - An effective pore reducer - An under eye roller/puffy eyes treatment - A complexion-improving face ice roller - A face massager for wrinkles and crow's feet - An eye roller for natural headache relief - A tension-relieving neck roller - A face ice pack for sunburns and bug bites How long does the ice face roller stay cold? You'll need approximately Ten minutes of treatment, but the ice roller can stay cool for up several hours when fully frozen. It's perfect for using as a migraine stick, soothing away fibromyalgia pain, reducing dull or dry skin, or as an eye roller for puffy eyes! Ice roller is a fast, effective way to seal blood vessels in the skin and boosts the absorption of eye gel or serum to maximize effects! How does the face massage roller work? Cold temperatures cause constriction in the skin, resulting in pore and blood vessel shrinkage and creating a smoother, more even-toned surface over time. They can also soothe inflammation and irritation, which is perfect for people with sensitive or red skin.

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