Ice Roller for Face & Eye,Puffiness,Migraine,Pain Relief and Minor Injury,Skin Care Products Stainless Steel Face Massager Ice roller massager (White)

MAANGE Ice Roller can be used daily to revitalize, refresh and rejuvenate the skin. This is a simple and easy device that makes your life convenient without melting ice. Roll over on any part of your body for instant pain relief. After shaving, using Ice Roller Massager will calm and soothe your skin. Benefit: Massage eye socket and temples to relieve fatigue Massage during mask caring to shrink pores and calm skin Cold therapy, relief pain, sore muscles, burn and injure Prevent wrinkles and improve dry skin, relieve eye fatigue Slow down metabolic rate, ease skin redness, swelling and pain, especially allergic effect Strengthen the collagen fibers, make the skin firm and elastic, smoothen wrinkles and crow's feet Contract blood vessels tighten pores, reduce varicose veins and thin rib floating, purify the hazardous waste with venous return and detox, weaken and eliminate specks How to use: 1.Clean the roller head and put in the bag 2.Keep Ice Roller in the freezer at all time or have a quick-freezing with 10-15 minutes 3.Take the roller head from freezer 4.Enjoy the cooling and calming massaging effects on your face and body Caution: 1.Do not use on wounded skin tissue 2.Store in a cool place 3.Do not heat this product

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